Braun Optik Imperial + 400 Lomo Col and a new book :)

Yes it's been a while (which is becoming a regular thing) but I wanted to share with you a camera I bought recently. It came in a box with about 30 other cameras, digital, 35mm & a bunch of box cameras.

The Braun Optik Imperial, it's nothing really special. Manufactured in Germany not long after the war, sometime in the early 50's I think.

As with most box cameras at this period it had the 2 view finders, 1 vertical the other horizontal. The Braun also has single shutter speed with a switch mode Z (Zeit-time mode) for long exposures a bit like bulb mode I suppose and M (Moment-instant mode)

It takes 6 x9 images. I currently have a roll of Lomo colour neg 120 in it, although there is some debate as to whether it is a 620 camera but as the 120 fitted snuggly (as you would expect) I'm going with that. 620 is a slightly different size.

Anyway I'm off to Wales in a bit so it's coming with me and we will see what we can get from an old metal box.

The other exciting news is I have a NEW book out

It's an overview of the many thousands of images I shot on the light project -many more can be seen here
It's a A5 sized zine 16 pages long full of colour images

It's available direct from me or on my Etsy store

Please go take a look, it's priced at just $6 plus shipping and is limited to just 50 copies.

I got the book printed with a company called Hello Print  and I can't speak highly enough of them. Other online printers Ive used have been ok but done nothing to check quality. Ive had a few emails from the company asking for minor tweaks and exporting the PDF in a slightly different format so they could product the best quality for me.  The communication has been excellent. 

Finally I wanted to share with you a band Ive followed for a while Bureaucrat & the Conspirators. They are very, no Extra Unique.

The track below is called "Again" and is from the "Highest floor( of the forest) album

The music is avaialable on

I'm getting shouted at now to get me rear in to gear so I will leave you here and have a wonderful bank holiday weekend. 

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