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Vintage Film Haul

I went to a new auction the other day, there were loads of cameras and tech and the like. The cameras were mainly large SLR types and the odd Large Format, including a Hasselbad 500c and a bunch of lens, it was way beyond any budget I could push and get away with. There was however a box of long since expired film and a box of film plates and the like.

Most of it I have never had before  and most of its 120 format, which I tend not to use

These Efke were all made in Yugoslavia and I have boxes of each format.  3 different speed ratings, the DIN ratings are unsurprisingly 12, 17 & 21 or ASA 20, 40 & 100
Ive sent a pack of R21 to a chap I know online Azriel Knight you can check his youtube channel here. He plays with old cameras and film, you should check him out.

I currently have the odd roll of Ektachrome but not in boxes and its decades since Ive shot slide film. These all expired when I was 10, which is decades ago.

Ive had Kodak VR before, I bought a trial pack of 3 differ…

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