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A (slight) change of direction

I know its been forever since the last post, I did start a post on a Yashica T3 I picked up for £3 over the summer (which has subsequently been sold) but never got around to finishing it (I may yet finish it off).  Anyway the photography is kinda taking a back seat, since I went self employed in January I have little time for the photography because I need to earn money. So as I wanted to continue this blog I thought I would change it slightly to incorporate all the obsolete tech (Ok not all of it is obsolete) I am buying to sell on.

This weekend has been hard going, a few charity shops and 2 carboots yielded little in quantity but some very interesting pieces.

So lets start with the camera, Ive been after one of these for a while, mainly just to say I've had one. A Purma Special, 127 Bakelite film camera made somewhere between 37 & 51. Manufactured in England by RF Hunter with an F6.3 spring loaded lens its quite a piece. When the lens cap is on the lens is burred in the cam…

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