Film Fun with Cheap Plastic stuff

I'm off to Wales (again) and I have packed a few cameras and film into my back to play about with. Before I set off on my jaunt I went to get 2 new tyres fitted which actually turned out to be 4 new tyres and rather a lot of money. As they were getting fitted I popped in Poundland to see if they had any film (nope) and Argos, who did-various Instax and some disposable/1 time use cameras.

The Vibe- 27 shots on colour film , prices started at £4.99 but if you bought a 5 pack you got them a little cheaper at £22.49. Its typical  single use camera stuff, crappy white card sleeve, which Im putting stickers on. 200 ISO built in flash, ideal for indoor/outdoor etc

I think you will agree, the customization adds something to it.  The small photo is an image used by "The Womb"  album "Where the Lemon Meets the Teign", go check their work out on the link.

I'm also taking a few half-used rolls of 110 in the back of a Kodak Cameo, it has a flash (most 110 camera did) which Ive had for years but has sat in a box gathering dust - but no more. the films have all come out the back of various cameras Ive bought over the years, so it will be interesting to get them developed and see what other crap is on them (I dread to think)

Finally I am taking a Diana clone, the Sinomax -direct view camera, 1960s, never been used it came in a very tatty box years ago. Ive put in it some 1980s out of date Yuoslav film -Fotokemika R17 40 ASA. So the combination is bound to provide a winning mix. All I will need is good strong light.

And they are all going into a very funky vintage "Truprint camera bag"

The results will follow


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