Small Camera Haul

First photo shoot this year, I know its March the 14th. I suppose that's a fair indication of my motivation still. And I swear to God that every time I work with Krissi

the weather changes from OK, dry, sunny to the Polar opposite. Decent weather all week, the day we shoot, strong winds and heavy rain. Trying to light smoke grenades was troublesome to say the least.  We managed to get a few shots on the Sony, a few with the Instax (including a few BW) and I even shot a roll of Kodak Ekatchrone 200 E6 slide film, which for the record is the first time I have ever shot with slide film. I shot that in my Yashica mInitec which has a fixed 32mm F3.5 lens. Originally I was going to shoot it in an Olympus Trip I picked up in Wales last weekend but as the weather was so dark and I didnt have a flash unit for the Trip I ended up using the Yashica.

I was going to post more about the shoot with Krissi and show all these wonderful smoke effect photos but I think I mentioned the weather put paid to that idea. So instead Im going to show some cameras I picked up this week at a local auction -4 cameras for £16 plus commission

They are not listed in any particular order or anything as organised as that

A big old chunky Olymopus Az 300 Superzoom. Ive had these before they are big old things with a 38-105mm  F4.5 sluggish motorised zoom lens, which is decent enough given its age. Built in flash and DX coding, its nothing spectacular but I think I will give it a spin, once I get 2 CR123A batteries. I also picked up a AZ330 superzoom, which is almost identical in style and design

As I said they will not be staying in the collection and will sold off as soon as know they work

Now this is far more interesting. The Ricoh Auto Half. Another Half-Frame camera that I will probably keep. This version was made for 3 year. I think this was manufactured in 1960 so its made in Japan. and other models like the E, E2, SE etc were introduced as the 60's progressed. Spec wise, it takes 35mm film and has a 25mm F2.8 lens with a max shutter speed of 1/125. The lightmeter on the front offers automatic exposure. The body is a little scuffed and it could do with a clean  but it should be interesting to shoot with and compare with my Yashica Samurai, which I adore (it was my first Yashica)  but dont use nearly enough.

I had to watch a Youtube video to see it in action and to make sure it needed film in it to operate the shutter. Its a tiny little thing and its almost impossible to read the manual exposure meter  dial on the top of the camera, so I will be shooting everything on a wing and a prayer.

The wrist strap is broken, which is no biggie but what I find strange is it has a tri-pod mount on the side, there is also a port for a sync cable so you can attach a flash somewhere to it.  Once Ive had a bit play with it, I will decide if Im going to keep it or sell it on.

Incidentally I bought this along with 3 vintage Cassette players for £35

Another from the auction lot was another Olympus, I was excited was I saw the Mju logo and it was bacl with a clam shell design then calmed down when I saw it was a zoom 115. nevertheless its a decent camera, I will test it but then I will be putting it on the Ebay for £30 once I know it works properly

 And finally from the auction haul is this beast. A Konica Auto S2

Made in Japan, it's another camera that wont fit in your pocket, basically a 35mm rangefinder which has a 45mm Hexanon F1.8  lens. It's quite heavy which I'm not really keen on in a camera. It needs a new cell battery for the light meter but everything else appears to work as you would expect, when I get 10 mins I will give the Konica a good old clean, its very dusty, which is not unusual for a camera bought in a general auction. As Spring is approaching (you wouldnt think it as its snowed, heavily, at times today) I will be spending more and more time in Wales so I will probably be taking it with me. But I dont think I will be keeping this long term.It's too darn big and bulky, but I may have already mentioned this.

Talking of Wales, I was there last weekend and managed to buy an Olympus Trip for £5 at a local car-boot, it was the only thing of any value there. So not having bought anything of significance for weeks I manage to get 4 decent 35mm camera (Im not counting the AZ cameras-they are just cannon fodder). Perhaps the most interesting of which is the Ricoh, so  all I need now is to get some more 35mm film.

Till next time have a good weekend


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