Ilford Delta 3200 but what camera to use? and a few shots of Rosie

I suppose Happy New Year is in order.

Yes, its been a while. I seem to start every post with that statement at the moment. The truth be told Ive been busy (trying ) to set up a business over the last year and all things considered it's gone OK. It's been damned hard for the most of it but that could be light at the end of the tunnel or just something travelling at high speed about to hit me head on. Whichever it is, it's a lot better than being a wage slave.

Anyway back to photography. I think over the last 18 months the amount of shoots I've done can be counted on 1 hand. Apart from setting up a business I suppose the motivation just hasn't been there but I am trying to get back on the horse and shoot a bit more. So I decided I would buy some film.

Delta 3200 film, which I've never used before, It's not cheap (from Jessops anyway) £12.99 then you have processing on top.

I'm not sure what camera to use, either Yashica Minitec, Samurai Z and have next to no control over the outcome or go some something really cheap and plastic like my Diana F+. The latter is the most likely as I want to take some long exposures and this would be an easy way to shoot them. So I will probably go with the Diana.

I did manage to do a shoot with Rosie towards the back end of November. The concept was built around a black bathbomb and a load of  angst.  I ended up shooting 3 carts of instax mini, including 1 with black borders which is pretty cool, I had the alpha with me for digital shots, a new 4k action cam, although to be honest it was a cheapy off Amazon so is probably nowhere near 4K, and 3 rolls of BW, Delta 400, XP2 (my fav BW) and a roll of Kodak 400Tmax (which I am yet to get developed.

To begin with (and to finish off actually) we shot some bedroom scenes, the above was on the Alpha. Back in October I had read "The Sex Pistols -90 days at EMI", this is probably where the angst came from, so I though a pink stripe would work and its one of my fav digital shots from the shoot.

As you can see the black border is quite effective and sets the images off quite nicely. The film develops at pretty much the same speed and I really like the results so will probably buy more of the film. I dont think the humidity in the bathroom effected the development of the instax.

This is the first time I have shot in a bathroom, well for ages anyway, and I must admit I didnt make allowances for the lights are there reflections in the water.

The bath bomb itself (bought from Blue Banana in Exeter) was pretty cool,  It gave the water a thickness or a density and with a little tweaking in CC 
the colours work really well.

For the top image I felt Rosie was floating in space and for the latter I felt she was rising from the depths with the ripples in the water.

I will show more shots from this shoot when I get around to getting the rolls developed but I am going to try and write a post once a week or so depending upon commitments elsewhere


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