Free Pop with Konica Pop flexidisc

The things you find when you are out car booting.  I picked this little piece of memorabilia with a bunch of record/cassette catalogs/leaflets.  It looks to be unused and dates 1982. The coupon on the back is valid to December 1982

I haven't tried it yet but it looks unused, there is a small crease  in the 2nd Pop.

the 3 tracks on the EP are 
"!lay all your love on Me" - ABBA -I Grew up with Abba
"Attention to Me" by the Nolans (Even worse than Stars on 45) but what is perhaps more scary is the fact when I mentioned this to me wife she knew all the words to it!!!!!!

But it was the 80's

The rear shows a whole £1 off an album of "Original Artists" bringing the price down to £3.99 inc postage.

The rear also shows you could buy a Konica Pop for £32 ish which you would be hard pressed to find a good working condition Pop at hose prices today, especially if you wanted a green version.

The weather is pants here (still), keep dry, keep safe and have as much fun as you can get away with.


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