A (slight) change of direction

I know its been forever since the last post, I did start a post on a Yashica T3 I picked up for £3 over the summer (which has subsequently been sold) but never got around to finishing it (I may yet finish it off).  Anyway the photography is kinda taking a back seat, since I went self employed in January I have little time for the photography because I need to earn money. So as I wanted to continue this blog I thought I would change it slightly to incorporate all the obsolete tech (Ok not all of it is obsolete) I am buying to sell on.

This weekend has been hard going, a few charity shops and 2 carboots yielded little in quantity but some very interesting pieces.

So lets start with the camera, Ive been after one of these for a while, mainly just to say I've had one. A Purma Special, 127 Bakelite film camera made somewhere between 37 & 51. Manufactured in England by RF Hunter with an F6.3 spring loaded lens its quite a piece. When the lens cap is on the lens is burred in the camera but unscrew it and out it pops. I think it takes 16 square images, the ere are 2 red circles on the rear to tell you which film # you are upto. It has film speeds of slow or fast-molded into the rear of the camera, (no mention of 1/25th or anything like that on the camera but I think it shoots between 1/25 & 1/450) depending on the light condition.

It came with its original case, which is extremely snug when the Purma is in it.. I dont suppose I will get to use it, for one thing I dont have any 127 film and haven't for years but it will look pretty on a shelf till it sells.

Ive been buying a lot of cassettes this year and whilst rummaging at the bottom  of a box of cassettes I found this. Sega Out Run Offiicial Sound Track (well 3 songs) by Hiroshi Kawaguchi.  I would have bought more cassettes from the stall but the guy had them on for what I considered high prices for a car boot sale but this cost me £1. I dont know how much people pay for cassettes elsewhere in the UK or abroad but I can generally find them for 20p to 50p so being faced with prices of £3 upwards I tend to leave them. If I was in a vintage store or a record store then then £3 would be cheap but at a car boot then its a different matter.

I listened to it on the way home and its wonderful, it takes me back to Saturday evening TV with the A-Team, Blue Thunder, Logans Run, Knight Rider etc

More on cassettes at the end.

I picked these up in a charity shop fore £10, apparently they had only been on the shelf an hour or so. They are beautiful, Sennheiser RS65 wireless headphones. The blurb states you can roam 300ft from the antenna, so far Ive got about 30ft so I may have to have a walk down the lane to test their range fully. They have been charged and tested on all sorts but I think I like the idea of them in my "My First Sony", old and new tech together.

Nothing spectacular but very nice all the same. Philips EXP2546 CD/MP3 player. The battery door has a broken hinge but its a lovely addition to a growing pile of CD/Walkman type players

Talking of cassettes I recently purchased this from Hungary. By Megahit "Wrath of the Machine" is a NEW release. It must have been sometime in the 90's I last bough a new release on cassette. I knew nothing about the artist but I listened to the digital tracks from the this album and I loved it. It reminded me of Terminator, Blade Runner, and any dodgy 80's Sci-Fi you care to mention. The sound bytes used from films and news clips are bloody awesome. More groups/bands/singers should release cassettes

It was a limited edition (originally 10 cassettes) but i think a few more got released and most of those have sold out.  As I'm a big fan of 80's electronic music I was rather keen on getting hold of a copy. So I paid my 10Euros plus shipping and when it arrived the other day I was so excited. At first I didnt want to play it but to keep it safe. But this morning I played it in the car on my way to Exeter, it sounds equally as good on cassette as it does on digital. Its since been in my "My First Sony" (I picked that up a while back at Bude-I may do a post about it next time)

If you fancy a listen then click on the Megahit link on their Bandcamp page. I can also recommend "High School Boys & Disco Queens"

Hopefully you like the changes, nothing significant I know but still. Till next time.


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