It turned out to be a sort of Red weekend + other cameras

I spent hours searching and traveled almost 200 miles yesterday looking for cameras. The interesting made up for lack of quantity that was out there.

As it turned out most of the cameras happened to be red. I'm a bit of a red camera hoar, it doesn't matter how cheap and plasticy they are I just love red cameras.  If I spent £4.50 on the 4 of them that was it, in fact it was probably much less.

The first is nothing special, a bog standard bit of plastic an SP500 in a tatty box with a few instructions. 35mm focus free but its RED !!!!!!!!

Total plastic apart from the flash mount on the top, nice and shiny and ideal for bright days (who uses flash anyway?) No settings just an ideal point and shoot.

If you go to any charity shop or carboot in the UK you will find one of these but it will be black. However this is the 2nd I've bought  and the 3rd I've seen recently. Another Lomo camera, no flash mount no adjustments of any kind just a basic point and shoot - The Panorama Wide Pic, again focus free. The bodywork is a tad scuffed but it works fine.

Not massively different from the SP500

I'm sure I shot a lot of 110 film when I was a kid in the 70's most of it would have been using Kodak Ektras. My fondness for the format is slightly disjointed, I like the idea of taking photos in 110 and indeed I have shot a lot over the last few years but I never seem to get them developed. This does not stop me picking up 110 cameras still and #3  from the weekends haul is a Hanimex DFTele 110

It looks cool and I think I may even run a film through it, the only issue it has, which is typical with many cameras you pick up second hand is they tend to have sort level of corrosion  in the battery compartment. The DFTele was no different and as I've found many times after cleaning the gunk out the flash still wont work. So what I tend to do is use a tiny bit of tin foil and this seems to solve any of the problems


The cameras start to get a bit more exciting from here on in. My next purchase was a Panasonic C500AF (cost me £2- shows how much the others cost). I'm fairly certain it was made in Japan at this point

A nice and compact camera, with a smokey plastic glass door that sides to reveal the lens The flash works (without tin foil). The aperture ranges from F3.8 to F16 and it will takes film speeds 50-1600, which is pretty incredible.  I think I've only ever shot from 100-800. Its coming to Wales with me later in  the week.

Now for a change of colour, no more red cameras, no red on either of them.

I think I almost knocked a few people over to get to this, as if anyone else would want it

Produced by Boots, made in China. I think they did a few variations as the version on Roland & Carolines Camera page is different to mine.

It has a flash (takes 2 AAA batteries and yes tin foil has been used). Obviously its designed for children and as such its quite child proof (and probably me proof as well). The purple shutter release is fairly solid and the winder is bigger enough for little fingers, the back door has some sort of childproof lock on it to prevent over exposure because we all want to open the back door. The rewind button is more of a hole, you need to insert some key to turn it, again making it quite child proof. It didnt come with this key so Im hoping something else will help rewind it. It too is coming to Wales.

The final camera I want to show you today is a beauty and quite highly desired by just about everyone who shoots film. It's not particularly valuable but I only paid £2 for it.

Ive had a few over the years, Olympus Mju 1 or Stylus as it was called in the States.  The clam shell cover is one of my fav features besides the fact they are pretty darn good.  It comes with a F3.5 lens, can shoot film speeds 50-3200-via DX coding (more than the Panasonic where you have to set it manually via the lever on the front of the camera).  Auto exposure and shutter speeds of 1/15 to 1/500 make it ideal for most lighting conditions and for me its an ideal street photography camera.

Also going to Wales.

I did pick up a few other cameras yesterday but they are still in boxes and are more projects anyway.

Well till next time when Ive been and come back from Wales. Have fun


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