Olympus XA 2 with 11A Flash

I know it's almost 2 months since I last did a post, I wasn't that bad when I was working full time. Being self-employed is draining and frustrating (at times) but so much better than being a wage slave.

 A few months ago I bought this at Exeter for £3, despite not liking the camera I was quite excited to pick it up for just £3. Unfortunately it didnt work and it has sat in a draw since then.  I was going to sell if for spares/repairs but then I thought about getting it repaired myself. Having trawled through the internet I found a couple of potential camera repair shops. One wanted to charge me £10 (if I didnt like the quote) and the other was a recommendation that came via a blog I follow 35MMC.

So of the camera went on the 15th of June to JP Camera repairs in Edinburgh. I got a text on Monday 19th to tell me it would cost £50 to repair (including the guaranteed next day delivery)and I had it back on the 20th looking all bright and shiny and new & working. All communication was done via text (which is fine by me). Speaking to Joe last night (via text) its evident he loves his job and the service he offers is magnificent.I even got a 4 month warranty. I have a Leica thats a bit ropey that needs fixing so that will probably go off next month. So if you want a camera fixed I can not recommend Joe enough.

Ive never been a great fan of the XA series, probably since I got terrible results from my first use of of one.  So it was no real surprise to me that the shutter didnt work when I picked it up. The fact it's red increases the cost of the XA2 compared to the more common black version, Ive found red cameras tend carry a higher premium (for whatever reason). The main aim was and still is to sell it for as much as I can get for it , however, now the XA2 is back and all fixed and working I'm almost tempted to shoot with it. 

I will try not to make is so long to the next post.

Enjoy the summer wherever you are.


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