Rolleimat F + Numark 200 Film

Morning World. As promised a look at the Rolleimat F I picked up at Exeter recently. Manufactured around 79-81 its a good sturdy beast but not that heavy at just 380gs. Incredibly easy to use rangefinder with pop up flash.  F2.8 Rolleinon lens which is effective from about 3 feet. The aperture settings are from 1 bloke (close up) to Mountains( distance/Landscape)

The only issue I had with the camera and its not really an issue,  just the foam on the door is dropping to bits and could probably do with being replaced. It didnt cause any problems with the film as you can see in the video.

Ive tested it twice now, once with an out of date Numark 200 film (9/05) in a mixture of very low and good strong light.

Shot in Costa, it was tankin it down outside and I took shelter here and had a large black coffee (never a goods thing to aid sleep). The lights were very low and of course no flash was used and the results are about as good as you can expect.

Now this was shot as the sun was going down and the light was very low but the results are quite exceptional given the conditions.

Taken at the same time as the shot above , I just the reflection of the sun going down in the window . Again the results are extremely good for low light and cheap film.

Again I bought loads of it at a local market and the results are not too shabby

I put all the other images into a short video

Further to the "Adventures of the unknown photographer" There was a bunch of negatives in the box with all the undeveloped rolls of film. These are very interesting.  My scanner is bronken and I tried to use the MIL but withit not being a photo scanner it didn't work. So I improvised and used one of the glass tables we have an put a lamp underneath it. Then used my A6000 followed by a bit of tweaking it CC. The quality would be better from a dedicated scanner but needs must. Anyway here is one of the images. More will follow

They are grainy and I think they were taken at a NYE party 2006/2007

Well this is all for now, take care and more to follow asap

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