London Part 2 - Disposable Heroes (very image heavy)

Finally got my photos back today. I took a bunch of disposables with me and a Cosmic 35 with an out of date Kodak 200 film. I ended up only shooting 2 disposables and the Cosmic.

Ive had the Cosmic a few years and only used it once, again in London, but with out success. It came with a piece of silver gaffa tape holding the back of the camera on (or so I thought). The Cosmic has no real hinges, the back just clips in and then is held by a metal clip on the other side. The potential for light leaks is there for all to see. This particular version has a number of issues but the main one is the rewind button is broken and is actually inside the camera. So to rewind the film I had to use a room in the house that has no windows and a red light and hand wind it back. The joys of film :)

I was really pleased with the results and as you can see the light leaks were awesome with the added bonus on the sprocket holes also shown due to the badly fitting film.

Shot on the way back down Brick Lane, shot from the hip. Its a very silent camera so is ideal for street photography.

The colours are great, dark and muted make it look almost dusk. and you still have those lovely sprockets on shows

The film had slipped really badly at this point but the effects are pretty spectacular.

The nurses had been on a protest to save the NHS. The NHS is the greatest health service on the planet and has saved my rear end a number of times. It's a shame the peasants in charge of the country are running in down through under funding in order to sell it off to their chums. Sorry I'm being political again.

More protests and massive light leaks

Disposable Kodak - no flash, a bit of my finger and we should always make tea and not war. A great tea shop down Brick Lane. I had a beautiful Assam, I can't remember the name of the place. I like tea a lot.  As you can see its as grainy as hell but that is plastic cameras for you.

I love writing on walls, little messages that people have left for others to read
There are some fantastic murals around Brick Lane, this one by Jaycaes was up passed the old brewery.

I saw this a few times on Saturday. It amazes me how these corporations continue to exploit people and get away with. I suppose it's because we in the West continue to turn a blind eye and buy the damn things. Sad times.

Finally, we found this undiscovered masterpiece in a hole along Brick Lane, I'm not sure if its meant to be a women or a bad copy of Boris Johnson. This is George, he was one of my students for the last few years, we met for lunch then went for a wander around Brick Lane. He's going to be a great film maker one day.

There will be a part 3, I have loads more images to go through from both the digital and the film cameras.

It other news, providing solicitors get their fingers out, I will be moving on the 22nd far away from Newton Abbot, today Ive done manly things and used tools to take down wardrobes and stuff.

Till later in the week-take care.

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