London on the cheap and I may get a little political (ish)

Despite having to try and pack up a house within the next 16 days (OK I have to pack my stuff-my wife is packing the house up but you know what I mean) I abandoned everything to go up to the capital for the day with a bunch of disposable cameras, a Polaroid 1210, a Sony W330 and battered old Holga. I actually went on the bus for once £25 instead of £90+ on the train. It's the first time Ive used National Express and I will be using them again. The journey up was just over 5hours with a few stops and less than 4 hours back.

Anyway, the photo shows below what I did take (I also took my Yashica Minitec and another disposable camera but got got to use them - saved for another day)

The 2 Kodak were both out of date, 1 just last month the other about 8 years ago. The other camera I bought at the carboots last weekend.

Im not really a fan of the underground, I'd much rather walk but I got a ticket at Victoria and off I went to Liverpool Street. I met an ex student of mine who is at Uni doing something Media/film based, We went off to Spittalfields for a burger from Bleekers, which was to die for. Quite possibly the best burger I have ever had. I ate the evidence without taking photos.

Then we went off around Brick Lane where I shot the 2 disposable films plus the Holga, I also shot a roll of Kodak 200 in an old Cosmic 35 but most of that was done the South Bank. The 35mm will be developed tomorrow but here are some of the digital shots from the Sony.

There is a bit of theme running through the images, they are mainly text based. It has always fascinated me why people write on walls or post things there. My reasons for doing it (once or twice) have been shameless self promotion and to make my photography interactive. 

This first image just made me smirk. There is no sense or otherwise these days on the planet. It amazes me how people still believe the current lot in charge of the UK are anything but a bunch of self centered, self serving  toe-wrags and again we have someone in control who no-one voted for. Then you the Americans having a laugh and electing some over grown Umpa Lumpa. At least its given street artists everywhere endless amounts of source material and me (and no doubt plenty of others something to laugh at)

The plaster statue of the bather has been there for years. Her feet are starting to crumble and a load of people were queuing up to have their photos taken. See here is another fine example of mirth towards Donald and the Putin poster is something else.

Now I actual think this is perhaps going a little too far. After all Donald has massacred millions (yet) but felt I needed to take a photo anyway.

These black and gold posters where everywhere and are by an artists named Subdude, they are really simple but a fair reflection on society. Teresa  May is just scary but somehow I could imagine all the Tory old boys quite enjoying the image. 

We just wondered what was behind the door to have them put a sign on it to tell people to close it behind them ? Where I come from if you didnt close the door someone would be in stealing your treasures.

Is it just a random statement  or is the scribbler making a  reference to brick arches?

This was at the bottom of a lane off Brick Lane. We followed (not deliberately mind you) a photographer and a model down the aforementioned lane. It was quite a striking piece but I was wondering what the entrance fee of 20p was for? and why was it locked? as I would have paid my 20p.

This was just big bright and colourful and there was a picture of Marilyn as well, so why not. I'm terrible at reading tags and it might as well be a foreign language but one I can't copy and paste into Google translate.

And finally, Broccoli is not very nice(my wife sneaks into some of our meals) but local artist Adrian Boswell has chosen it as method of epression placed quite a bit of it around Brick Lane with images of himself on it.  They are fun pieces but I certainly wouldn't want to eat one.

Well, this was on my Spotify playlist last week and I wanted to share it with you.

My good friend Alan Drsicoll of The Womb fame has produced a mixtape of his stand up comedy which you can listen to by clicking on the link

Well thats it for now. I will post again later in the week with more photos digital and film. Take care and have a great week, be awesome.

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