Further Adventures of an Unknown Photographer

Well as promised the results of the fujifilm 120 from the unknown photographer. Just a recap, I bought a load of film and cameras and stuff of someone at a carboot/flea market a few weeks back and amongst everything else was a box of exposed Fujifilm NPS160 120 film (about 40 of them).

 So I sent off  a roll to see what was on it, this was the roll with "dropped in Faringdon Rd" with a date that was 23 May 17, which has yet to occur.

at first when I got them back I thought OH! nothing mega and I was a little disappointed. Definitely no Vivian Maier. But now Ive had a chance to look at them more, I'm starting to see a few things in them. Im not sure if you would class them as "street photography" or just random shots.  They are not that old as the car plate indicates 2014 as the oldest. The double exposures are interesting. The last images appears to be of an amusement park, I thought it was a shot of the London Eye at first from the side but now Im not so sure.  I think my fav is the 5th up from the bottom, at first when I saw it  I just thought it was a door that the flash bounced off but when you look closely you can see the reflection of the photographer in the door. He is also in the shot 2 above that but that shot is upside down and I cant do upside down.  I have found out a little bit more about the photographer or at least the locker that they came from, he may have been a French journalist/photographer who is now no longer with us, he apparently left a load of photos and journals in the locker which indicated he was depressed and in a dark place at the end.

As for the other 40 odd rolls of film I personally didnt find them interesting enough to spend £7 + per roll to get developed so they will go on Ebay and help to pay for some more film and cameras.

We are now in our new house (well for 6 months anyway). The view at sunset from the front. Shot on a Rolleimat F with Numark 35mm film (OOD). I am creating a video  and blog post on the camera and the results today so it should be up by Sunday.

Take care

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