Adventures of an unknown photographer

At the end of a rather uneventful and not fruitful morning hunting cameras and other assorted tec and 2 local carboots, I came across Mat who I had bought cameras and film off before. He had a big bag of goodies for me today. Packs of 35mm film, 120 film, even 2 sealed reels of Kodak Vision 2 500T/7182 16 cinematic film.  But also amongst the lot was this box

Great I thought, another Holga or at least the box for the one I bought 2 weeks back. However when I got home and opened it, it was packed with this

43 exposed rolls, mainly Fujifilm NPS160  and 2 rolls of Fujifilm X-tra. There was nothing writeen on 42 of them, no indication of where or when they were shot. I have a dozen rolls undeveloped 120 film but I always write a date or something on it. The there was 1 roll which had "Dropped on Faringdon Road" There are at least 3 in the UK, London, Swindon & Plymouth plus probably more. There is also a date on it 23/5/17. Now for the sharp eyed amongst you will notice that date wont happen for another 2 1/2 months!!!!! Of course the figures could be something else but I would like to think the photographer was a time traveler of sorts and all the rolls of images of the future. So I'm going to get it developed and see whats on it. Chances are they will be crappy holiday snaps and nothing like those of Vivian Maier but we will see.

There were also the odd roll of exposed but as of yet undeveloped 35mm film, so if I get a chance I may get that developed before I move..  Talking off which, as we have my wife's car off the road (again) we are having to use mine, which is a lot smaller and always full of junk. So as my wife is having to use and travel in my car she insisted that it be cleaned and whilst sorting through the boot I found these

2 unopened photography books 

Beautiful Britain by Iain Mckell and DIY/Underground Skateparks by Richard Gilligan bothg by Prestel -so something good came of they enforced clean up.  I bought these in Bristol last October and they have sat there ever since.  So I have something to read or at least look at tonight.

More from London as soon as I can a chance till then enjoy whats left of your Sunday. 

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