Pingo Penguin Camera Review & test with sample images

For those of you have regularly read this blog, thank you, will know of my fascination with cheap plastic cameras.  It's easy to take pictures with expensive digital cameras or smart phones and thats  great but I like a challenge. This blog is not about digital vs film and which is better, as far as I'm concerned they all have their merits and drawbacks and in my house they co-exist side by side.  I have 100's of different cameras from really cheap film cameras, like the Pingo, which was given away with sweets to my Sony A6000.

So today's camera as stated is the Pingo made by Pingvin Lakrids (Denmark) and was given away with sweets-how cool was that!!! It came with my biggest haul of cameras to date. I bought approx 120 cameras (all sorts but mainly basic point and shoot type-with lots of them boxed) off Ebay a few weeks back, I will be posting some of the more interesting finds over the next few weeks.

It is as you can a penguin shaped camera, it's bright and colourful and it's easy to see why it would appeal to kids. It's extremely basic and easy to use.  The camera has a limited number of functions. From the front you can see a slide which is used to drawback the lens cover. It has no flash facility and as you will see in the video of test images it produces good clear images in bright sunshine and rather iffy and grainy images in low light.

The Pingo can stand on its own 2 feet, albeit with a bit of a wobble or it can lie down in a more relaxing position

At first when I saw this camera I thought it was linked to Pingu (as everyone does), the children's TV show from the 80's but after a little research I established it wasn't

It's bright and colourful, the head makes it easy to hold for anyone, not just children.  There are only a few buttons, fire, film advance and film rewind.

The big feet allow you to stand the camera upright.

I haven't managed to find any tech specs for the camera but I would imagine the F stop would between 11-16 with a film speed of between 1/30th to 1/200th (this is guess work and by no means accurate).

Anyway onto the actual results. I put in a roll of Kodak Gold 200 and went off to Teignmouth one morning. It was bright and sunny for the most part but absolutely freezing, there was actual frost on the beach.  As you will see for a bit of plastic the camera performed really quite well in the sun but in low light the results are as you would imagine, very very grainy.

The music in the video is by Nighthaze, the track is "where hope is just a poem" with links back to the band. It's the first track I've heard by them and it just seemed to work with the images.

Well thats it for the moment but I will probably be back soon with another camera, probably the Lumix TZ40, (I know its a digital camera) which I picked up today at the local carboot for £4.50 which I will take with me when I go off to the Moors. Till then enjoy yourself.

One last thing, Ive had some work published ( I know it was a surprise to me, especially as one of the images almost made the cover) in issue 4.3 of Elusive Dreams go check it out

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