mini haul

I  had a wander out this morning (amongst the wind and the rain) to see if there was anything worth picking up from the local carboots. Quantity wise there wasn't loads of camera goodies about and what there was wasn't up to much.  Having said that I did manage to pick up the few bits pictured below

I got 40 + packs of film. Mainly Numark 200 colour film which is long since past its use by. A box of sealed Fujifilm professional colour NPS120 film, again out of date still usable. 2 packs of 126 film, Kodak Ektachrome X no less, which is massively out of date and 2 super 8 cartridges.

I also pick up a scabby looking Holga 120 GCFN, it came with the lot of film, it;'s really grubby and the sides have silver tape on them, which despite its state and the fact its 120, a format I'm not really keen on, I am looking forward to using.

The other 2 cameras I came across were a Polaroid (in name only) CNU 1210 digital camcorder, which is light as a feather but nowhere near as bad as you would think. I am desperate to get up to London before we move (March 22nd) so I will take it with me then as I wander around looking for street art.

And finally I picked up a beautiful red Sony DSC W330 camera complete with a 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo, which I might just keep- a couple of boxes of 35mm film seem heavier than this..

The only other thing I picked up this morning (Exeter was cancelled this afternoon due to weather) was this.

Its hard to gauge the size of the cassette but it's massive, much larger than a conventional video cassette. Im guessing it's only for professional use, TV studios etc. I have no idea whats on it but being such a whore for Sony products I couldn't resist.

Any way thats it for now. Enjoy you Sunday. I will see you soon.

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