Lisbeth Snow, updates and plans

It seems  a life time since I last posted anything. Being self employed I thought I would have time to concentrate on blogging - nope !! I have no time or at least I haven't up until now.  So I thought I would do an update.

The house is sold (or very close to exchange) and we have found a wonderful cottage to rent in the middle of nowhere while we sort out our bit of land and get the house built. We move in about a month or sooner if it can be done.

I actually did a shoot earlier this week with a new model, I had cameras to test and wanted to get out and see what I could create.  This was the first time I had worked with this model and she had a fairly distinctive look. I took along 2 film cameras , inc my Yashica Minitec with some way out of date  Jessops black and white film (results to follow), a Ricoh 500 ME (that had a few dints) and some horrible Kodak 100 (15 years out of date)- the results were equally as horrible, my trusty Instax 200 and a rather bright yellow Mini 8

These 2 shots are probably my favourites from the shoot, the top was taken in a tunnel and is exactly what I was after. A portrait full of angst and it looks better in black and white. The image above was taken in the stairwell of the local multi story.

beyond dead film-to be fair it was massively overcast so using 100 film as old as this was never going to produce decent results.

All was going well until I dropped my Alpha, from 6 inches off the ground and smashing the lens. I was truly professional and only used 9 or 10 choice swear words but to say I was gutted was an understatement.

As for plans for the future, I had big plans for 2016 till work and my health got in the way. I was supposed to publish at least 1 book (good job I self publish as Im 12 months behind the original  publication date) -so this is the first thing to be resurrected. The book is going to be full of Rosie Flame (regular visitors will know Rosie). One of the other major plans I had was to do a light projection exhibition, I cancelled that early as it would have killed me dead had I attempt it in my then state of health. I may not get an exhibition done this year but I can certainly get a book together. That is being aimed for an early summer publication. Finally I want to shoot more with disposable cameras (again they are frequent(ish) visitor to pages. I often use them. I was reading this blog post today and it got me wanting to run around with crappy plastic cameras again.

in other news I had another image used by Alan from The Womb on his new single 1st January 1999. The model is Ruth U'ren, with whom I've had the pleasure to work with a number of times over the years.  Go have a listen, you can download it aswell from somewhere.

well thats it for now, stay well and I will write sooner rather than later.

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