Marusia on Mini Instax 8 colour and black & white

Happy New Year to you all!! It's very wet here in Devon at the moment so I hope its better wherever you are.

So here are the results of from Friday night with the Fuji Instax Mini 8. I had 3 shots left on a colour film and then I had a BW film. I'ts probably 40 + years since I last used instant BW film in a an old Polaroid back in the 70's. Actually, now I think about I did try Impossible BW film and I wasn't really keen on any of it.

It was the first time I had worked with Maria, (go check out her work on Purpleport) she was fantastic and hopefully we will get to work together again this year.

I've had a few mini Instax cameras before  but was never that impressed but this has produced some really good images. As you can see they were are shot in the dark, I used the cloud setting and they are quite sharp for a camera in low light with a plastic lens. The colours are quite rich although by looking at the dress Maria was wearing you would thing it was blue when it was closer to green. But hey!!!

Anyway I was really interested to hear that Fuji were bringing out BW film for the mini, I'm hoping they bring it out for the wide format.The film is about £10 for 10 shots which makes it more expensive than the wide but for an experiment I was prepared to give it a go. 

We shot in an alley by the Phoenix in Exeter, the only light was from a few street lights  and whatever the flash gave off. So I wasn't sure what the results would be like.  Here they are and overall I'm pretty happy with them.   I had 1 dud shot, when I used the indoor aperture setting, I was to far away from Maria and it was obviously too dark.

I think I can just about make out a Maria in there somewhere but I'm not sure.

The others were much better.

Most of the shots were taken using the Cloud aperture but I did try a few on the hi-key setting as it was so dark and that worked extremely well

All the shots have had a minor tweak in CC for posting on line. The BW tones have a blue/green tinge which is quite cool 

These last 2 shots were taken outside the Phoenix  by which time is was pitch black apart from the lights on the building which were quiet atmospheric. I've included a digital image to show the lights. Somehow I managed to damage the last image but that just adds to feel of the shot.

I've put together a short video of some of the other shots from the mini Instax 8 that I haven't included here.

The music is by my good friend Alan Driscoll of  The Womb, it's called skateboarder hit by a train and (We've collaborated on many an album cover) can be downloaded by clicking on the link. Go check out his other work, he's alternative and really rather good.

Just for copyright purposes and it's only right to acknowledge the work of others so here we are

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Thanks for stopping by. The next post will be of the Instax Wide shots. This is one of my favourite film formats of all time. Stay safe and enjoy whatever you are upto.

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