Marusia on Fuji Instax Wide


This post has taken ages to finalise. I scanned the images really quick and had most of the video completed about a week ago but for some reason it's taken me a week to actually shoot the camera part. Well actually I did shoot a section a few days back but I didn't use the Sony & the quality was pants so I deleted it.  Anyway here are some of the images from  the shoot with Marusia.

The Instax 210 is probably my favourite instant camera and Instax Wide is easily my favorite film to use. It's easy and the results are pretty reliable.

I prefer the Instax (wide) to the Impossible film. It's more reliable or at least that's how I see it.

I think I was a little too close at this point and the flash has bounced off the wall quite badly behind Marusia.

 Perhaps my favourite instant shot of the night.

This is actually a gate Marusia is standing in front of. It's beautiful and the colours are amazing, ideal for photographing.

These are some of my fav shots from the night. they were all shot in the same sort of lighting conditions. It was getting dark and all we had was 1 street light and the flash on the Instax.  The results are pretty good, the only thing is the flash has made the dress look a lot bluer than it actually was. In fact it was a green colour but hey.   Again I did a little bit of experimentation with the settings changing the setting the lighter and darker to try and compensate for the low light.  I would love Fuji to make a BW film for this camera that would be amazing. I've heard that they are bringing out a square version at some point this year so you never know.

Apart from being a bit of a brick and quite bulky to carry around it produces some pretty awesome shots in all lighting conditions.

Anyway, here is the video with more of the Instax Wide images from the night. I've done a quick edit to to each,the editing was really basic and quite subtle in most cases.

The music is by The 126er's the Coldest Shoulder as is from the Youtube library
Marusia appears courtesy of herself and more of her work can be seen here (some of it isn't suitable for work)

Tomorrow I have a shoot with Krissy in the most amazing dress, we are shooting at the quayside and in some subways (the under the road kind not the sandwich kind).  I will be taking a couple of film cameras to test,  a Canon Z155 point and shoot plus some old Minolta (if I can remember where I have put it), the instax of course will be along and the Sony, so you never know I may get another post up in the next few days.  Till then enjoy the rest of your weekend

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