Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim sample photos

This was one of the cameras I bought in a small job lot the other week and I wouldn't normally have given it a second glance, what with it being a Vivitar but something in the back of my mind kicked in about it. One of the many photography books I have had a few pages on it, so I went to do a little bit of research.

As far as technology goes it really is basic, just a few bits of plastic, no electronics are anything complicated.

It weighs next to nothing, under 100g and is completely plastic. The UWS has a 22mm fixed focus plastic lens with a aperture of something in the range of F11 and a fixed film speed of 1/125th and an iso of 400  Which suggests it will be best suited to good sunlight. 

The 22mm lens makes it ideal for landscapes and cityscapes plus as it is silent, it should also be decent enough for some  street photography.

So with a roll of out of date Kodak 200 I went off to Teignmouth for the morning ( I went to see if I could find any cameras in the charity shops there but didn't), it was dull and overcast and I wasn't expecting much from it but I was pleasantly surprised at the results.

All the images have had a minor tweak in CC but nothing significant, so the possibilities are quite exciting if I use it with a decent film and in the right conditions.  My favourite images are the shots of the sea, they are really dramatic and the vignetting of the UWS really helps to emphasize the clouds and the sea.

When I was having a rummage  through a box in the house I came across these

So expect some mini reviews and some sample images over the next few weeks.

Thanks for stopping by, I may get another post in before Christmas  but perhaps not, so thank you to everyone for stopping by this year and I wish everyone of you a safe and wonderful Christmas.

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