New cameras and a Marusia

Just a very quick update, I actually went out and did a shoot today, only the 4th since April. I had a few cameras I wanted to play with and lots of instant film I wanted to use. Marusia is Russian and visually stunning dont you think! she's taller than me (but who isn't?)

So I shot 20 Instax Wide, about 13 mini instax include a pack of BW (more in the next post on this film). A disposable BW camera, an Agfa 335 Electronic (no flash) with 2 rolls of Lomo color 400 and a stack of digital images on my Sony A6000 of which this is one.

shot with only what light was available, which after 5-30pm isn't a great deal, luckily the Phoenix had some lights on. I'm in love with this image, there is just something about Marusia's gaze, the eyes, the hair,

in other news, I bought a mind blowing dress in one of the local charity shops today for a shoot next week with Krissi

This image in no way does it justice, it's a Rumba dress (or at least I think it is) it will need a bodysuit under it to set it of.

Well thats it for tonight, Im shattered and I have a 5am start.  sleep tight all.

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