Yashica Minitec AF

The results from a shoot with the Yashica Minitec AF point and shoot. It's a beautiful little camera, small and compact, a black matte body, sharp 32mm f3.5 lens.  I picked this up at a local carboot for a £1 or possibly £2.

The main issue I had with the camera and it's not a massive issue, it appears that you can't turn the flash off. Which can be a stinker if you are trying to be stealthy in the street or want to be creative in low light. Still I think you will agree the results are pretty cool.  Half the shots were taken on location in Wales, Cardiff in particular, the rest were shot under a flyover on the A38 near Plymouth.  The film was an out of date Lloyds Pharmacy 200 film.

Music by Kai Engel  on www.freemusicarchive.org

This is just a short post but another will follow tomorrow. Last weekend I bought 2 Voigtlander cameras, Vito B  & Vito CL, the test results from the B  in the post along with the test results from the rather interesting Smena 8

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