Voigtlander Vito B with sample images

I picked this little beauty up last weekend along with a few other cameras.  The Voigtlander Vito B.

 It's really not my usual type of camera, I prefer point and shoot 35mm cameras to play with as they are so simple to use.  Not that the Voigtlander is that complicated to use, it just that it requires you to think before you take a shot. Which is something I do all the time when I'm using the A6000 because you have a screen and can see any adjustment made instantly. Obviously this is not the case with the Vito B. You have to make adjustments to aperture, distance from subject and shutter speed as you go along. It's not  a massive issue but it did slow me down a lot, which is possibly a good thing.

The Vito B has  a beautiful Skopar F2.8  50mm lens and you can shoot from 1/200th of a second to bulb mode. The film counter is just above the lens.

It really easy a beautiful little camera although it is quite weighty.  Anyway here are some of the images I shot. The film was Kodak 400 which was out of date. Most of the shots were taken at F8 with a film speed of 1/60 or 1/30 with alterations for the distance from the subject.

All the images were shot in and around Exeter city centre yesterday, all in natural light. The results are pretty good considering I didn't know what I was doing with it. At the same time I bought the Vito B I also purchased a Vito CL which I am currently using with Kodak 200 film.

I also have the test results from the Smena 8M which again was an experience to use. the results were very mixed and I will show them in the next posting later in the week. Trawling the carboots today didnt unearth any gems, lots of run of the mill cameras but at 50p to £1 each I wasn't going to leave them behind.  Till later in the week, enjoy whats left of Sunday. I now only have 15 days left at my job and then my life becomes a big scary blank canvas.

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