Yashica MG2

These cameras are quickly becoming an obsession. I bought the Yashica MG2 in Bristol last week in a charity shop with a stack of film, a book and a Simpsons 35mm camera. Which is a story in itself and one that I probably wont go intoThis particular charity shop was having a camera sale, everything was from £5 upwards and the film was only £1 a roll.

It's basically a bog standard point and shoot with a Yashica lens f=34mm (fixed), it's a later model  as it has the "Kyocera" brand name on it, front and back. It has a mode select on the rear, which I didn't even look at during the test shots. The rewind button is on the base of the camera which worked really well.

 The funny thing is I've done quite a lot of searches online  for information on the camera and I've more or less drawn a blank. I've found a few for sale, mainly in the South Hemisphere and 1 on Ebay but no technical information. no date of manufacture, nothing. Which is strange. Google should know everything.

I loaded it with another purchase from Bristol, Tesco Value Colour Film, 200 speed. I've kept the packaging. It was supposed to be processed by April 2002 but as you can see from the results below the results aren't too shabby.

When we were in Wales (I appear to be spending most of my life there are the moment, in fact it's now almost my second home) we went to the local fair to do some test shots.  All shots have had a minor tweak in photoshop.

A fair is good place to take some test shots, there's load of action and colour. I cropped this a little as somehow I managed to get my finger in front of the lens. The vignette and the washed out colours are all due to the camera and the film.

I never really loved the Hulk as a child, I was more into Spiderman, Batman and the X-men but he looks great atop this ride. I dont go on any fairground rides these days due to an unbelievably bad experience some 12 or 13 years back.. The muted colours are really cool here.

Now Cartman always makes me laugh, Southpark was also so near the knuckle. I may have to start buying box sets.  I remember buying Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls CD, the thought of it now makes to cry laughing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnNYXgV7L-c give it a listen but be warned its very rude

Ghost trains are great, I've never been on this one but the outside is fantastic. In fact the camera has probably improved the appearance of it. The Christopher Lee graphic makes the image I think. I had many a sleepless night as a kid having watched some Hammer Horror flick late on a Saturday night. 

Got to love a carousel.

This is my fav image off the roll. I'm quite fond of graphic art like this in fairs and this is really quite striking. The colours are vibrant and again there is some vignetting.

I have no idea what a sticky wall is and to be honest I have no real desire to find out.

For an OOD film, that probably wasn't of the highest quality to begin with taken with a camera I can find nothing about the results have been pretty good.

I bought aload of cameras over the weekend including a Lomo 360 Dolphin Spinner, Pop9, which Ive been after for ages and others. Ive shot a roll of film on the spinner and it's been developed but apparently because they are "all panoramas they can't be scanned on to the disc"!! really.

They look cool as negatives and I will do my best to scan them over the next few days and do another post.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are all well and enjoying the summer.


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