Videos and me speaking

Despite being on holiday at the moment I have loads and loads of work to do for the day job and to be honest I just cant face it.  So Ive spent my time being creative (hopefully) and making short videos.  I have a few more in the pipeline, Im just waiting for Asda to fix its photo machine so they can develop my film.

It's been a whilke since I have done a "Cheap crappy plastic camera" video so yesterday I decided to create one for the Fuji Instax 210, which I'm sure you are aware I adore, Having actually scanned the Instax from the shoot with Rosie fairly quickly I thought I would use some of those and a few from the first shoot we did back in Jan this year.

I also thought it might be interesting to actually do the voice over for the introduction.  Hearing it back now Im not sure what people will think of it. I know Ive done a few videos before  (disposable cameras)but Im not really used to hearing my voice, especially recorded, Im self conscious of my Northern accent, despite me thinking it's quite soft compared to a lot of people from where I grew up, I can appreciate it this isn't the case for the majority of the human race, so sorry.

Anyway, If you manage to get past the first 40 secs or so you get to some wonderful images of the divine Rosie Flame. All shot on Instax wide with the 210.

The music is by Bureaucrat & the Conspirators (Im a big fan) and if you haven't heard them before click on the link and go give them a listen. they are very different.

And of course, 1 video is never enough, a 3rd may follow. This is with Lolly, I used the images from the disposable cameras and ran them through "VivaVideo" on my tablet then through Premiere Elements 13 and changed the music from the preset. This music is by Jari Pitkanen -Binding a Soul" you can find all his music and way way more on

The video is short but I like that and I'm not talking on it which improves it greatly, Im not sure how much the VivaVideo app actually enhances the video but I think I will give it another go, its really quite simple and straightforward to use.

And here is the third, Alan has released an instrumental version of 16th Dec  available for free download. It's just a simple compilation of the images used on all the EP but I think it works quite well.


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