Sleep Thief

Ive been awake since stupid o'clock in the morning, my brain is refusing to co-operate and be quite so I am eating chocolate and editing photos I shot at least 4 years back.
an angel without cares for lullabys

I wish my mind would just shut itself down and not through crap into my head

redeem me into childhood

I remember this shoot vividly, the model, Angel, was from Australia and she was just perfect. Given half a chance I would love to work with her again, especially as I have more of an idea what Im doing now but unfortunately she is back in Oz.

The Jersey Wall

Part of the inspiration for the whole shoot was this track by Unsun, we also took inspiration from  Blade Runner and a number of B movies.

The doctors orders

We did about 4 different changes of outfits, spent time indoors and outdoors. We made the most of the environment, which is pretty easy in London as there is inspiration everywhere, especially away from the main centre.

I am probably going to make a video from all the images from this shoot So expect to see a lot more of Angel -the album of the edits from the shoot is here


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