Proper actual film

Hopefully this blog post finds you are all well and he festivities.

As it's coming to the end of the year Ive been looking back through what Ive done this year. Some of my favorite shots have been taken on my beloved Fuji Instax 210

If memory serves I dont think I have posted these images here as they are part of my first (of the year) exhibition in the spring. They were all taken up in Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival this summer. I spent a few over  the week we were there with a chalk board walking up and down Princes Street talking to people and getting them to write random statements on the board. This chap was one of the many performers that descend upon the city every August.  He was really funny, quite camp but really funny. The quality of the Instax  is pretty darn good, 

The people I approached wrote a wide variety of things on the board. Some were quite mundane others were quite funny & interesting. This being one of them. Again for instant film the image is pretty darn good. It's also really good watching the reaction of people as the film starts to develop in front of their eyes.

This girl was lovely, again another performer at the fringe, we had a bit chat and she seemed genuinely interested in what I was doing. The best thing about the instax, for me anyway, is the shot is totally unique, there isn't a negative, unlike the peel apart film, there is no digital back up (unless you scan it). It's very much one of a kind.

Edinburgh seems a distant memory now as does the warm weather so I seem to have spent a load of time indoors making short videos. I found my old Polaroid Pogo Zink printer the other day and decided to show a it set up and printing out. They are quite fun little things. I have it connected to my Canon Power Shot SX400 (its basically a point and shoot) via a USB. Now unlike like other forms of instant photography there is a copy, a digital file on the SD card so they are not totally unique.

Music in the video is by Balun and the link can be found here.

I'm a massive fan of Freemusic Archive, there is music for everything on there so if you haven't  been on there before go check it out.

We are off out on the Moors today for a plod, I need as much fresh air as possible before I go back next week. I will be taking a few cameras, probably a backpack full. Results to follow

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