lumen ostende

Unfortunately the shoot I had arranged for Friday failed to happen, which is a bummer but hey these things happen. However on the plus side I did get to work with Krissi  today, working on new light projection work for an exhibition in 12 months. Its about 4 or 5 months since Ive seen her and it was great to hook up again and do some work.

It was one big experiment, I actually used a film camera for the first time on any light projection shoot, lots of video was shot, this is an area I need to work on. The lights were off the lights were on, I think I may have reached the limits with the current projector and may need to look for a new one.

Its going to take a good while to just to look through what we took today, I had planned a 2 hour shoot and it ended up being almost 3 hours and Krissi bless her,  is ever patient with my madness.

So anyway, as I've been shooting a lot of video recently (see I need more practice), we shot a lot today, although I dont think the time lapse has achieved anything, I dont think the camera could handle the lights but I will have to check. This is the first edit from today, I wanted to see if I could crop video in the same way you can with an image, I tried Premier Elements 13 first but couldn't seem to find out how you did it so I then tried Serif Movie Plus 6x, which worked. There was a  black area  around the video clips (Premier Elements view) that I wanted to get rid of

Serif Movie Plus View

As I said today was all about experimenting, so after managing to crop film (Im chuffed with my bit self), I wanted to play with colours and lights and ended up inverting everything. The speed didnt seem quite right so I ended up slowing to .5 and fading out. It just seemed to work. As the whole thing was just 6 seconds I didnt think music would work, so I used my new Zoom H1 Handy Recorder and did a quick voice over the edited in Audacity, making sure the levels were correct, then  I reversed it.  There is no hidden meaning, no subliminal messages, no satanic verse, its just the working title for the exhibition but played backwards and slowed a little.

It's quite amazing where you mind goes when you start (or at least mine)

some images to follow

Finally I thought I would let you know about a local group (Ive worked with a number of its members over the years) who are fund raising for their latest video production, based on the old Arthurian legend but from the point of view of Mordred. So if you are able to invest in the project they would greatly appreciate it but as its an expensive time of year  (when isn't) if you could share the link then that will be great-thanks.

Finally, it's been months in the making (really-I know) (and more video work)

 Shot on a Canon 600D, and a Rollei 400 Action cam, edited in Premiere Elements 13
featuring model Yasmin Hunter.
Music by the Womb "Everything is going Wrong" is the first track off the new album which is free and available to download on the link above.  So go and have a listen.

Everything is Going Wrong from nineteen68 on Vimeo.

I'm back to the day job tomorrow :( and the next few weeks are going to be full on, If I drank I would get blind drunk to deaden the thought of going back but instead I will just have to channel my thoughts in to photography & film stuff.

Enjoy whats left of your weekend.

Finally Sunderland were back to normality this week after thrashing the Mags last weekend, relegation here we come


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