Batgirl and other adventures

As the photography thing has been a little quiet this month (self imposed, Im only working with trusted types at the moment) I thought I would go out on a recce. Ive just got back from a  6 mile hike and a bit of a climb  on the moors for a shoo (video to follow). The weather was kind in the main, I got a bit wet and my boots leak like mad.

Tomorrow I have a  shoot (well at this point I do) with a musician/new model, I came highly recommended (mainly because "I'm safe" (apparently), I prefer the term professional but I suppose they mean the same thing. We are scheduled to shoot in Plymouth and the weather could be a tad interesting. We will see.

Since getting back on Wednesday (that was just yesterday wasn't it? I'm losing track of days/time a lot at the moment, I can't keep up with moving around the SW & all over Wales.) Ive had a chance to scan the instax from the "Dont touch the |Flame" with Rosie Flame

This is really quite a bizarre. Someone sent Rosie a stuffed bat in a frame, it was really weird so what else could I do but  take an instax of it.

More to follow

Despite only being home for just over 24hours , its been mad, people ordering photographs from my light collection series, a potential solo exhibition next year featuring new light projection works, which will also require a book. Busy happy times :)


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