The sound of my heart, I am the shadow in the dark

I seem to be back into the editing swing at the moment which is good, all the stress is getting channeled in a positive direction.

This is what I have managed over the last few days
I was always going to love this image,  I may not have got the number of shots I wanted from the day but this is one of my favourites. The tripod was wobbly, the head was missing so I used a smaller head and masking tape (needless to say it didnt really work). I shot the LHS slightly out of focus and the RHS in focus but dropped the opacity to create a ghost image. Next came a bit of texture in Perfect effects

Now this is perhaps THE fav out of Sunday. Its a cross between Poltergeist and someone praying to the TV God. It was going to work come hell or highway. It's dark, in everyway, Tash's back is quite well defined, I love it.

It's a while since I worked with Cara and I must admit I had forgotten that I had shot this. Every time I use the room above the pub I photograph the girls in the window. I'm getting quite a collection now.

I haven;t seen Mimi for well over a year, she's been in touch about shoots but every time shes down from London I'm in Wales. Whilst looking through a hard-drive today I found this and as far as I know it has never been posted anywhere. hopefully we can get together at some point so we can do another shoot, the two we did last year were brilliant fun.

Today I bought a 360 degree for my tripod, its basically an egg timer for my Rollei to sit on and do a 360, 1Hr time-lapse.

The other day I thing I said I would  post the results of burning an instax as part of my identity "crisis" as Im not calling it. I forget on Monday but took it into the Science dept today and we dropped acetone on it and set fire to it, the flames were pretty but the damage was really disappointing. I will scan it and post next time.

Enjoy your night.


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