Frustrated by my own inadequacy and other rubbish

Harsh words but Its true at the moment, Im extremely tired and nothing is going right. People ask if they can use my images for CD covers but never have any budget but promise to promote me everywhere. the image appears all over the web BUT with no mention of me, apart from the first post which hasn't got a link attached to it. A little frustrating

I did a shoot the other night and made a right old hash of it, the good images are OK but nothing startling and the amazing images I wanted (for publication) stink. It's nothing to do with the model Ive screwed it up, me. Ive been experimenting like crazy lately and it's all wrong, yes I know that is the risk with experimenting. But it just adds to the frustration. This morning I fought light issues, technology issues and god knows what else

Getting messed around by models (nothing new) is also incredibly frustrating,  You plan they dont care. They plan and you screw up. Aaahhhh!

And Ive finally lost my patience with some idiot on Ephotozine who is on the critique team but his critique is never balanced, its always negative, so Ive retaliated (which I'm annoyed at) but Ive had years of this guy saying how its not his thing, or he doesn't get it or its not this or its not that and today he didnt see the point of it. So I was blunt.

So how much have I written for Shooters this month, erm nothing (yet) But I have sent MJ 7 or 8 images, so I only need to salvage another 2 from the other night and it will all be good.

This is one of the better shots from Tuesday. I think it works being a rectangle and the black border is also a bonus.

Chin up world.


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