Remnants of a past life slowly fading

Im hopeful of having a shoot today, picking up the model and her chaperone at Noon. and then off to the woods to do a Celldweller inspire shoot based on Ghosts

I though I had a  white dress I could use for this shoot (image below) but I cant find it, anywhere. it was a bargain from a  charity shop £2.5

So at 3PM yesterday I set on a mission to find another dress white or grey. 8 shops later I found this
another bargain, still tags on for £2. It means I am reverting to the original them of grey but hey. I also bought some makeup sponges, yep I am doing the make up for the first time. Its really nothing complicated I have white face paint, flour and charcoal and a lot of hope, what can go wrong. I will be taking babywipes.  Its a shame the dress is so pristine as I will be tearing it. Another item I was looking for yesterday was a blindfold/bandages, surprisingly couldnt see any in Boots or Superdrug then I saw a grey stretchy headband and thought that would be a good idea but didnt want to pay £4 (if I could help it) so after running round a few shops I went to Percys, a fabric shop in Newton. After explaining to the old dear that i wanted to make a blindfold for a photoshoot, all I could see in my mind was 50 shades and Im sure thats all she was thinking aswell., I quickly explained that it was based more upon Weeping Angels rather than posh porn.

Anyway the weather was a typical spring day (I love it, fresh air and sun) and we spent about 2 1/2 hours shooting. The make up wasn't too bad for a first attempt, although I was a little heavy handed and the face painted I used (borrowed) was pretty much useless. I had to used a face wipe to get it moving. It was great fun throwing flour about  and I think Anise was slightly worried when I produced a knife and a pair of scissors to cut and slash the dress, especially as she was in it at the time. The white face paint didnt stay on for long but the flour worked well. Later on in the shoot I used charcoal and mixed it in with a bit of flour to turn Anise grey. Im not sure if she knew what she was letting herself in for, all of her previous shoots have been "pretty, fashion" kinda but today she was covered in muck, hanging over walls,  covered in leaves and generally got cold and scruffy. 

The dress looked really good but too neat so it got cut in a few places. I could have perhaps gone a bit more Psycho on it but perhaps next time. We have some video footage to come as well. All in all are really fantastic afternoon.

First shot edited, original plus 3 edits
 I'm quite chuffed (its becoming a habit)
Anise appears courtesy of Aesthetic Clarity and she is only 16. All images are age appropriate. Oh and the Barbie cam mad an appearance.

have a great rest of Sunday and enjoy what you are doing before the dreaded M word occurs.


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