I'm in a real fighting mood this week, its nothing really that new but I hate with an absolute passion having to deal with inequality. If there is one rule it should be applied consistently across the board and effect everyone not just those that are deemed unworthy. Its got to such a point at work with the petty, spitefulness of a few people that I'm at the point of walking. I work in education and there is constant talk about opportunities and celebrating every little success with the kids but this really only applies when it suits, which makes my blood boil. You have management picking you up on things like "your top button is undone, you look a mess, letting the school down etc when other senior school staff are wondering around in denim skirts or chinos. I  also have a performance management meeting this week, which could be very short and bloody. On a plus note half-term is at the end of the week so there will be a little bit of rest-bite. Anyway, apologies for being a total grump, I will move on to brighter more important things.

Im ploughing through the backlog of images from Sunday and previous shoots and almost finished the shoot with Naomi-Jane (3weeks back)
Me, behind the scenes shots care of Oxyte photo. I think this really was the first day of spring, it was gorgeous and its been similar weather this week, once its got past 9am. Its a bit nippy before then.

Yesterday(Weds) was a ruff old day and long but it made me smile when a photographer with letters after his name  asked me what camera & film I used to create such wonderful images (OK I use the word wonderful but that was the gist of it) and he was really impressed that i had done it all post prod. :)

Has anybody in the UK been watching the Sewing Bee? its awesome, I really love to (or at least attempt to) make stuff. 1 more day at work then half-term thank God I cant wait, its only been 5 1/2 weeks but its been borderline hell for most of it.

I have a shoot planned with Tash next week, currently finishing off "Not So Snow White". Im creating another section for my Light Projection work. If you haven't seen it yet its on and it will be the first new work on this project for almost a year. I need to go and plan images and stuff for that.

Hope your week is going better than mine. Take car and I will post more over the weekend.


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