This year I'm staying on the bus

First post of the new year, and I hope everyone had a great time. I was very RNR, set off some very  cheap fireworks (to howls of excitement from the little un-so job done), drank tea, read a bit more of Grayson Perry then into bed by about 1030 :)

Ive now finished the Grayson Perry book and its really great, so inspiring (the title relates to the last chapter in the book-its about Finnish bus stations) but having finished it I realised its basically the 2013 Reith lectures off of the radio (I still listen to the radio) heres the first part, have a listen to it, he's amazing.

I will post the rest of the parts over the next few weeks or you can just follow the links on Youtube. Its really worth the 4 + hours for the whole thing.

Now I have big big plans for this year, another book for a start but I'm also going to look for a studio, I want a place to be creative and make a mess without having to worry about anything. The trouble is obviously financing it but if the sales of instax continue, along with book sales and the odd corporate job it becomes a reality. Especially if I can find somewhere really cheap. So currently I'm looking in the Exeter, Newton Abbot, Torquay areas.

My first shoot of the year is Sunday & I'm out on location, here. It will be my first proper shoot with kazzi. back in September I did a few test shots with a plastic camera and some really interesting film.

I also want to make a lot more props this year for shoots including outfits. I only made 1 this year for the "Quest for Fire " shoot with Shane. It was a very quirky shoot and produced a few decent results (perhaps I will look back through the shots again). I was really pleased with it. Its very basic but it didnt drop to bits during the shoot. :)
So I've just back in from a  bit of shopping and I bought these at Hobbycraft (they were half price). I have a number of ideas for all of them. the "Queen" is destined for a shoot with Tash. Although they were cheap enough and a bit of paint will sort them out I want to make my own so I'll be online (Youtube no doubt) looking for tutorials on how to make masks.


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