As promised the video of Rosie. The Music in the video (link below) is by "Bureaucrat& The Conspirators" from the album "Heartbreak" & the track is entitled "The Truth as It Seemed on a Long Night in Winter" and why not.

So as promised the video

The weather was supposed to be bright for this morning but cold (its always cold up at Haytor) and

So anyway with all the ice we've had this week I was hoping for an easy ride up to the Moors, its not very far away but the roads are very narrow and can be quite treacherous. However it was fine all the way up but despite it been very sunny and bright, it was well below freezing.Parts of the lake were frozen I've done several up there before and Ive know the lake freeze before so there was never going to be any water shots today.

with Charlotte almost 2 years ago now

with Pixie. 

And of course the beautiful Ruth. I've worked with loads over the last few years

So here is the first shot from today, It hasn't had much in the way of editing, just a simple gradient map with the opacity dropped to 67%.

It was so bright and this was before 9am. It was amazing as we moved around the quarry how much the temperature changed from bearable to bloody freezing in the space of about 5 steps.  Shannie had to have an outfit change half way through due to the cold.  More to come.


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