Lost Girl

Well thats the first shoot for the year under the belt. It was also my first proper shoot with Kazzi and I'll be honest, although Ive watched Kazzi from afar (does that sound too stalkerish?) I wasn't sure what expect (We had a fantastic shoot). So after a few changes to the time we were meeting up we ended up outside Sainsbury on the outskirts of Exeter. After a really shitty day weather wise on the Saturday, today was actually quite nice. At one point we had BLUE SKY fighting through the clouds. It didn't last long but it tried.

See, Blue sky and it was only about 840ish. Its all glamorous on a shoot, especially with me, there is no make up tent, no MUA (or very rarely), generally no where to get change or anything but hey this time look, my car is the changing room :)

Anyway, Ive used this location once before, back in the summer with Natasha (Brook Shaden influenced)

So here is the first shot from yesterday. There is a an old stone wall under Kazzi, covered in moss with trees (big trees) growing out of them. 


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