Empires of some forgotten Lies

As this video is a mash up so is the title . The video is amazing and its made even better by the small child running around in what looks like a princess costume.

the day job is getting manic, almost too much for me to cope with at the moment, I'm constantly questioning my ability to do the job and I am definitely drowning in the amount of work I have. The trouble is, I can see the shore line and I could probably save myself but I just dont want to. Things are not good. Today Tuesday, on a scale of 1 to 10 has been about a 3

On a slightly more positive note

I cant use what I cant abuse (Garbage)

This is the noise that keeps me awake.

Plus I get to work with Tash again this weekend with another model or a bad fairy shoot (it will be my last for a while-Im knackered and the brain is starting to fall out)
Doesn't God love everyone?

No shoot this weekend, Tash has a few things to sort out (Good luck) so I have a chance to catch up with everything. First of all I bought this today

Yep its as cheap and crappy as it looks. It has an internal memory which can hold 200 shots, you can add 30 effects (yay :) ) I can't find any other on the outside of the box. Im videoing " a box opening" over the weekend. So no doubt  there will be other info inside. ive seen an advert for it online and you look through Barbies back and the image appears on her t-shirt. I am going to take it on its maiden voyage this Weds when Im working with Krissi on a night time location shoot. The results should be interesting.

Its probably just as well Im not working this weekend as I have loads on. I still have 2 shoots to sort through and I have a deadline for Unit 1 of the A level I started way back when. Its almost done I just need to sort a few bits, write a load and organise my final piece. Im off to trago tomorrow to buy a few frames for an exhibition I'm got images in (Torquay March). Also I think its this week I have work published in Shooters. Ive seen the proof and Im really really pleased with the images. They are from the "Red Queen" shoot with Rosie Flame, a mixture of digital and instax. I'm sure they well received. 

As you can see from below I am catching up with the shots with Naomi Jane the other week, then I might get started on those with Tash.
In fact due to this time travelling thing (sleep) I can now sure you a few more photos from last weekend

Ive got a busy old week in the day job, Ending (quite probably) with a performance management meeting on Thursday. I am not looking forward to it. But anyway to help the pain, as mentioned I have a shoot on Weds evening with Krissi and then on Sunday I have a shoot with a new model called Anise. I was supposed to be working with her  this weekend as well as Tash but things happen. She's only 16 and will be chaperoned (so I will have an assistant-possibly 2)and we are doing something very much inspired by  "Ghosts" by Celldweller feat. Tom Salta. I feel Anise has an incredible look and fantastic curly hair and she's tall (well at least as tall as me). She's done a bit fashion before but thats not really me

So hopefully I will survive the trauma that is heading my way. Have a great Sunday and take care.


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