Version 2 of Girls on Instant Film hits the launch pad

Finally putting the finishing touches to "Girls on Instant Film" mark2. if you remember I did attempt a launch during the back end of the summer but due to a, not sure what the word is, model changing her mind and causing holy hell, so  I pulled it. However it now almost ready (again) it's had more photos added and a few taken away the offending images and its almost ready to go. I haven't decided yet but I may change the cover, its a hard decision to make as Jade is beautiful on the original cover, I just wonder if one of the images of Miriam or Krissi might work better.

Just the copyright notice to add and its all done.

Today has been spent scanning, editing, and almost breaking my arm on Wii-sports baseball, its a while since Ive played and that wii is dangerous, plus I got thumped, 4-1 :( both the batting and pitching were a shambles. ive also really just discovered Instagram, even though Ive had an account for a bit, thanks to tash Ive finally figured out how it works

Some (badly) scanned instax of the divine Tash from Sunday, actually they are not that badly scanned just badly dropped into a grid.

Ive off to make tea & smash the CD player (all those blummin carols aaahhhhh!!) yes I am being humbug. Enjoy the rest of your day.


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