Towards the Edge

Currently enjoying these

I think I would love to photograph the lead singer, Maja. the mind is already bouncing with abstract ideas. I think they are Danish but my geography is off at the moment.

Just a follow up from last night and all the excitement about exhibitions and stuff, I woke up at 2 AM thinking of how I was going to build this installation. I think I have the bed, its an old single airbed with crappy covers, which will add to the grime and grunginess of it.  Ive also got a quote for large format printing which Im quite happy with if I decided to print it as a  banner. The trouble is its such a long way off the effort from obsessing will kill me.

I'm still working on the shoot from Krissi (still not finish Miriam yet either)
we used some really cheap fairy lights to strategically cover the important bits. Im not convinced, mainly as the light is over exposed but thats me all over.

I an it seems like forever ago that I took this next photo, the milky paddling pool sessions with Tash. Im seeing her again on the 18th not long after Ive  done the corporate stuff.

shot with Olympus i10

This this will have to keep me entertained till then. :)

Im off for tea and to check the diary to book shoots in . Keep well, I will also more than like to be obsessing over future exhibitions and stuff.


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