The Last First born

Morning All

Another suspect night of sleep, Ive been awake ages already. :( Not to worry, Today we are off to see Cinderella in Panton in Exeter, I haven't been to a  panton in years but apparently I have attend this one. I'm such  a humbug.

Ive got more Fuji Instax film coming for my post Christmas shoots, January is already pretty well full (at this point) which I'm sure is a good thing, lots of creativity to come.  I have another book in the pipeline.

Having been in the land of the awake for ages I've managed to organise the Instant pics I shoot on Thursday and they are stunning, I'm not going to post that many as I want them for the aforementioned new book.However I am going to give you a snippet. Cool huh! Tash looks uber in the white dress boots and gas mask. The photography seems to be shifting again, and I hate using the word developing but I just did.Ooops.

Hopefully the Christmas sales will produce some reduced props and masks so I can be creative and have more fun. Oh well. Im in need of a cuppa. But before I go, check these guys out

Ive kinda just discovered Celldweller, Ive seen them in recommend lists and heard a few collaborations but never actually listened to them. So I'm currently making up for lost time. They are brilliant, I suppose they are a bit like Blue Stahli, also brilliant.


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