Remember the first dance we shared

Lots of music going on in my head, mainly Nightwish but lots of other stuff aswell. You may have noticed I have a slight obsession with Tash,(Signed to Aesthetic Clarity) as she has featured in lots of recent shoots. I'm attempting to build her into a star, her photos are proving very popular on every site I place them. So we are going to be selling some Fuji instax shots and some printed photos (sizes and cost on request till I get a page set up). She's incredibly versatile. This is one of the shots we took on Thursday out in the woods.

This morning I managed to get the instax scanned, here are the first 2 (more will follow). Tash brought the gas mask along, no idea where she got it from ( a likely story),everyone tried and it seems to work well in all shots so I think an investment is called for.
 I love the quality of the shots, nowhere near that of a decent DSLR but you wouldn't expect and if you did then you will be disappointed. Fuji Instax's are a great fun camera with shutter speeds between 1/64 & 1/200 its versatile enough. These were shot in very low light, it was an overcast day plus we were under trees and it was heading into late afternoon (its dark by 4pm) but then there is always the flash. This is the only flash I use, generally I can't stand the thing, kills everything.

Another disturbed nights sleep with jnr shouting out at 2am (ish) and then being sick, the joys, so having been stuck in for most of the day Ive managed to catch up with some editing and I've produced a short video from last weekends shoot with Tash

And Don't forget the book is available. Until next time(tomorrow more than likely) have fun. Its the Strictly Come Dancing final tonight and the house is divided between Frankie (me) & Caroline (Other Half) thats if we can stop awake to watch it.


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