How to make a Lime & Mascarpone Torte

Yep, Ive been in the kitchen and make a cake, well its a torte (posh cheese cake) I promised my year 13's I would make them something for our last lesson so here is the video evidence. Its ages since Ive made anything (I know I look so professional and there is no way you can tell I'm getting any off camera hints) Dont worry this wont turn into a cookery channel.

The recipe in case any of you want to give it a try is here

200g Ginger snaps
50g  melted butter
2x250g Mascarpone Cheese (not low fat-go the whole hog)
40g icing sugar
grated zest & juice of 2 limes

Mix crushed ginger snaps& melted butter into a 7inch tin
place the mascarpone, icing sugar & lime(zest & Juice) into a bowl and beat it. Chill for 30mins
To decorate -I used dark chocolate in haphazard lines. If you can do other things then go for it.
I then put in back in the fridge over night.


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