Happy Christmas One and all

Well, why not have one more post before the festivities start
The new edition of the book landed on the mat this morning or technically the courier knocked on the door and I signed for it.

I've published it in a  different format, almost light a tall paperback book, its much better than the previous formats, whether it sells or not in physical format remains to be seen but book 2 is already in the pipeline.

Anyway I've been up since stupid o'clock again, I thought after we lost the dog I would sleep better but NO still awake most of the night plotting and scheming. I was down at Asda (other supermarkets are available) for paracetamol, tixylix and the Racing Post (it has the boxing day cards in). Then I had the trauma of going to Bearfeet (its a soft play area come battle arena for pre 12 years) its hell on Earth.

For lunch Ive made pancakes (for the first time ever I think), I made lemonade the other day as well (its very nice)
So now Im just waiting for this day to be over already (I'm a grump I know) so while waiting, Ive been making a little video , I did record footage of me talking about the Fuji Instax 200 but I hated it, I hate the sound of my voice and I should probably never speak again.  The shoot was back in the late summer, August about 7pm ish so the light was going, Jade(Portrait of  Beauty Queen) she is the girl on the front of the book.

The music from the video is by a guy called Steve Combs , click his name for the link.Ive embedded the track as well. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful Christmas. I will be nowhere near a PC tomorrow (probably-does a tablet count?) Thanks for the follows, the page views, the comments and the support I really appreciate it.



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