Adventure Time

Ive been out exploring today, looking for locations to shoot and within mins of posting a snap shot of the location I have 6 people wanting to shoot there with me :) I am going to attempt to work with most of them.

Last summer I did a shoot with Natasha close to this location but obviously there isn't going to be any sun for a good while.

Ive been out walking in the rain and wind and mud and cold to try and get my head sorted out. The last thing I had intended was organising another shoot. what with still sorting 2 out from last month & the shoot with Tash yesterday and everything I have planned for this week (may have another on Thursday)

Are you in the dark with me
Here's a real low light shot of Tash, that window was pretty amazing.  I know its a lot of negative space but thats what appeals. Small person big window, lots of shadows.

The whole building was full of shadows which makes for great photos. It just fits in with the dark world I like to create (Thursday should be fun then)

Im working with 4 models on Thursday , Tash (again) Leah, (1st time) Tom(2nd time) & John (1st time) who is 6ft something and a semi pro wrestler, 

Well thats pretty much all for now. I have emails to answer and editing to do and tea to drink. I bought some White Organic stuff today. It was reduced and the like, so why not give it a go I thought.


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