A Quiet Resistance

I had the pleasure of working with Tash again this morning. It was bloody freezing (again)m, One day i will get the opportunity to work with her when its not below freezing. Tash got in touch last week to discuss the possibility of a shoot at this "House" she had found abandoned. It turned out to be a a couple of rooms above a barn next to a couple of cafes. It was pretty dark inside but it had 3 or 4 decent size windows letting a good bit of natural light in. Ive had a quick peek at the shots on the back of the camera & I'm currently converting to jpgs to send Tash & her agency unedited copies.

Everything was shot in low light as I wasn't prepared to risk a flash (just in case it got spotted and someone came to investigate ) so there will be no Fuji Instax from the inside (a handful from outside).
Anyway the building was freezing, it was actually warmer outside. We managed about 40mins inside (a couple of times someone walked past the building-Ive never been so quiet in my life

This is the first shot from today.. It was as cold as it looks. Poor Tash only had a pair of tights with short denim shorts & a thin top on. It was rather strange tip-toeing about the place so as not to make a noise and attract attention.

As you can see, nature was reclaiming the building, there were leaves and stems all over the place. The place felt great, apart from the cold. Its always good to work somewhere you really shouldn't be, it adds to the excitement.

This image has been up on Flickr  & my Google plus account for a few hours now and its getting a positive response.  I'm also getting to work with Tash again on Thursday (plus a few others, Tom, John & Leah) on something dark, in the woods with an abandoned building.

With one thing and another (apparently its Christmas soon)  Im well behind on the editing front. But heres a shot Ive managed to edit from the shoot with Krissi the other week.
An abstract image. Enjoy.

In other news. I am well into Anime at the moment and I'm currently half way through season 1 of Arpeggio of Blue Steel. Its quite funny, especially as Im trying to read the sub-titles.  :)
And Sunderland managed to draw (yet again-5th out of last 6)

Hope everything is well with everyone. Stay warm


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