When Tomorrow Comes there will be no end in sight

By the time we got to this stage  of the shoot we were just messing about to see what happened, the sun had come back out  and the light through the window was pretty amazing. I have a good number of shots from this part of the day, this is the first and its extremely strong. To say Miriam was beautiful was an understatement but she was also pretty darn good at this modelling thing.

This is all most a proper  image from me, the light was beautiful, I know I have said that already but I want to say it again.

Last weekend was busy this looks like its going to be even busier, more reports (lots of them for Monday-groan), Christmas shopping  (groan) and a photoshoot with Krissi (hooorrrahh- so the reports probably wont get done on time). I have worked with krissi during the early part of the summer so it will be good to catch up. I have plenty of ideas and I might actually use some proper lights (then again-probably not)

Tiredness is coming at me again, today has been full of crappy little niggles and its got the better of me so Im off for now but I will post lots more over the weekend. Have fun.


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