One click head shot

Its the title of a song or something but I just liked it. Anyway its the inspiration behind the image. Its very dark and out of focus due to a long exposure of 1.0 second. Not long but a life time in photography terms. Im working on a lot of long exposures at the moment, its something a bit different and rather interesting I feel.

The day job was fine but very full on, talk with the new boss all seems good so far.  London is a distant memory now but I have  almost 500 shots still to sort through and a few films to get developed so they will be appearing for months to come.. But in the mean time I am madly in love with the shoot I did last weekend, using a laod of masks and juyst being abstract and surreal and quite random at times.

The Lego mask is great apart from the eyebrows and mouth fell off somewhere in London but that makes the mask slightly more disturbing, the hair beard just adds to the madness of the image.
And perhaps the most disturbing image created during Sundays shoot with Miriam is "Spider Bay", the girl could bend. The features on the mask are perhaps a little dark but zoom in and its fine.
I think I would snap if I tried this position. Anyway Ive been writing this for ages and got nowhere so im going for tea, enjoy the images.


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