Its been a week since I shot this, where does the time go? It's been manic.  Tash was incredibly brave to shoot this, it was a tad chilly but as I'm sure I've said before there is no hint of diva in this one,  And as usual I could just leave it at 1 edit. I did try adding rain, where as far as rain goes it looks oK it just didnt look right on Tash's back

It looks dark and wet but she is far too dry, I will need to look at more tutorials to get this right.  The third version is a very, possibly extreme low key version. I just wanted it to be really really dark in every sense of the word
and I think its my favourite version, I've entitled this version as "Silence", it was dead quiet, well it had to be I suppose as we didn't want anyone stumbling upon us as it were.  The only noise you could hear was the stream which was a little way in front of Tash.

We tried this pose again at the ruined cottage and I think they work a s well. We experimented with and without the wings

There are several versions of each but I just posting these otherwise it will just become mad. For "Speak" I added glowing orbs ( there is aversion without) and then I suppose I wanted another low key shot again wanting to embrace the darkness.

I'm shooting another set with Tash tomorrow, on the beach, with a paddling pool and various other bits, its not what you think but then again it could well be-who knows :)

The amount of editing I have to do is mounting quickly, I shot another version of Laura Burltons Chalk Dreams yesterday as well as working with Luna. So I best get cracking. I will leave you with another from yesterday entitled "NOBODY-MOVE!-I've-dropped-me-brain"

Thanks again to the good people of Moving Pictures Exeter for letting us cause mischief :)

Enjoy today. If I have time I will most more shots from yesterday later.


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