If all I have are fragments then do I really exist

I know I posted this yesterday but I love it and someone online wanted to know "Why I bothered to experiment, what was the purpose of this image?" This was on a photography site  critiqued by professionals who make a living from photography. Really? why do any us experiment ? I personally do it because if I didnt I would die of boredom. Isnt the whole point of experimentation to find out what works and what doesn't. If we don't experiment and grow then all we have to look forward is stagnation and death-boring!!!!!   I would like to think everyone who looks at my work has a reaction to it, positive or negative -I cant stand indifference (that is failure). Yes my work lacks the technical aspects of some photographers but I would like to make up for it in other ways like being creative.. Silly people

Anyway, here I am being experimental again, deliberately blurring the in camera to distort, perhaps I should have blurred more. Who knows. I was going to create a B&W version but the cyanotype just seemed to work so there you are.

 I've edited a few shots from London, a long ex (5secs) with ND filter attached. I love long exs and will be doing a lot more over the next few months. I have a few, actually loads to edit then upload from last weeks trip. So you have been warned. i wasn't going to spend much time on the computer tonight, its been a busy day and Im knackered and I need more tea.

Enjoy your evening where ever you are.


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