Anakin Skywalker & other stories

Have I mentioned Im paranoid at any point during this blog?  well I am and I worry about everything and in 99.9% of cases I cause more problems with the paranoia that the ones that actually exist in the first place.  Anyway today I managed to keep control of my brain.  Ive had this shoot booked with Krissi for weeks now and in many ways last week was a test run for today. I took a selection of masks again, Im really interested in exploring the concepts of masks and identity.I think, no I actually know my head is all over the place at the moment and the masks (good for the models) are a reflection of this.   The Lego head features heavily but Anakin Skywalker also makes an appearance as does Optimus Prime. With the mask on the models can be who they want to be and I think it perhaps with confidence and allows them to relax a bit, therefore leading to better images. Its also extremely funny and quite disturbing .

This was the first image I shot today. As you can see its a composite, Anakin should have been in the bottom left hand corner but I got the angles wrong and he disappeared totally behind Krissi-doooohhhhh!!!!  Ive actually worked with Krissi a few times before, earlier in the summer and again she was great.

We were just packing up and Krissi was getting back into her civies when I had an idea, the result is incredibly disturbing but funny at the same time. I probably wont get time to edit tonight (more reports yuk but they are the last lot I have to do for ages-hooorraaah). Anway think Lilly Savage, beautiful model and Anakin Skywalker, with an 80's wig (combined) I personally will not sleep for a week.

In other news. Lewis Hamilton won the F! world championship this afternoon, we are very happy in this household, although it was a shame Rosberg couldn't challenge properly due to technical faults on the car. The Caterham boys and girls got there in the end and did their stuff, finishing last with the new boy and retiring with the other. I hope they manage to survive and come back next year, it was great to see the Ferrari struggle to get past the Caterham of Stevens for a few seconds. If I get these reports done I may get back to post more from today but if not stay safe and have fun. 


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